What's cooking good looking?

Have you ever thought that structures and systems in society doesn’t necessarily support us in doing what is good for us? The huge focus on performance, efficiency and profit comes at the expense of our health, community, animal welfare and the planet.


What would happen if we had time to reflect and change the things that didn’t work? Have you ever thought that creating room for a healthier society would be much better? We have. And we wanted to do something about it.


Together, we believe it’s possible to adapt society and the commercial market to the populations best interest, in both present time and for the future. Actually we built a system to ensure it. We call it 5XWIN. Hang with us and you’ll understand why. We are Greenseed and we work with sustainable concept development.


Earlier this year we launched Make a momentum. A inspirational lifestyle blog for sustainable living. Next up is Loco – a 100% plantbased grocery chain that opens in Oslo in 2021. And you guys! Yard Oslo is our newest released concept! A plantbased shoppingcenter and a creative co creation workspace! Work alone or together with other likeminded people – create and sell and shop all plantbased stuff in one place! 

Are you loco?

Would you like to become a part owner in Norway's first 100% plant-based grocery store chain?


In 2021 we open the doors to the very first Loco store in Oslo. Next up is Bergen and Trondheim. Over the course of the next five years we aim to open 10 Loco stores around the country and we are working with innovative soloutions to make sure we can get the goods out to people who also live outside of a city. 60% of the profit will go straight back to opening new Loco stores and to support new sustainable projects.


Just so you know this oppertunity wont last forever. As soon as we have all the founding we need the doors for investors will close. So if you would like to be a part of Norways most exciting sustaiable adventure this is the time to get onboard!

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